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You Were Born Rich

You Were Born Rich • Part 2 [REMASTERED]

Born Rich Part 2…

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  • The video discusses the importance of conscious awareness and the power of the mind to create reality.
  • The video emphasizes that people are responsible for how they feel and their reactions to external events.
  • Developing mental strength and positive thinking is crucial to changing one’s life and achieving success.
  • Ideas impressed upon the subconscious mind repeatedly become fixed as habits.
  • The subconscious mind operates based on fixed ideas, which is why people perform many tasks without conscious thought.

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  • Habits are formed early in life and are often driven by the conditioning of the subconscious mind.
  • People tend to continue with automatic behaviors and habits even when they don’t know why they do them.
  • Negative conditioning in the subconscious mind can lead to poor attitudes, depression, and even disease.
  • Changing a single habit can significantly improve the quality of one’s life and relationships.
  • Personal contact is emphasized as a key to success, and it’s important to make conscious choices in your environment.
  • People’s beliefs, conditioning, and environment play a significant role in shaping their thoughts and actions.
  • The ability to control what enters the subconscious mind and change old conditioning is essential for personal transformation and achieving goals.
  • A new, constructive belief system can be developed to transform one’s life.
  • Reasoning and the power to choose play crucial roles in this transformation.

Note: The transcript seems to touch on various topics, and the takeaways provided are based on the information available in the provided transcript chunk.

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  • 53:28: To transform your life, be not of this world of conditions and circumstances but renew your mind with new ideas.
  • 54:13: Your conscious mind has been endowed with intellectual factors, but they need to be developed to protect you from negative influences.
  • 56:15: Intellectual factors are essential for learning and connecting words with their meanings. Conditioning occurs when you are exposed to various information and interpretations.
  • 58:07: Many of us have been taught limiting beliefs and ideas, which influence our self-image and potential.
  • 59:31: We should strive to think inductively and deductively. In the case of ideas, if our conditioning evaluates them, we may reject potentially good ones.
  • 01:00:07: There’s a season to sow and a season to reap. Understanding this principle is essential for personal growth and success.
  • 01:03:08: The idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Actively thinking and being open to new ideas can help us avoid negative influences.
  • 01:11:05: The inductive reasoning factor is your ability to think and reason creatively, allowing you to separate yourself from other animals.
  • 01:14:04: You vibrate in an ocean of thought and energy. Properly developed creative ideas can transform your life and shape your reality.
  • 01:16:16: We often desire things but reject ideas to achieve them due to fear and old conditioning. We must use our inductive reasoning factor to embrace positive ideas.
  • 01:19:54: Acting on good ideas that improve your life is vital. Don’t allow your conditioning and fear to hold you back from pursuing opportunities.

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  • 01:20:21: To assess your financial situation, ask yourself about your current income, lifetime earnings, and potential wealth if you convert assets to cash and pay debts.
  • 01:20:33: Consider whether anyone is worth a million dollars a year or more. George Bernard Shaw’s statement, “It is a sin to be poor,” highlights the idea that if you provide valuable service, you can generate wealth.
  • 01:21:29: Money is a servant, and you are the master. The amount of money you have is a reflection of the service you provide. If you have little money, it implies that you’re not providing much service.

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