You Were Born Rich • Part 3 [REMASTERED]

Born Rich Part 3…

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  • Earl Nightingale emphasizes that many people want more money than they truly need and often settle for less than they could achieve.
  • Napoleon Hill’s idea suggests that when wealth begins to come, it can come quickly and abundantly, primarily driven by a state of mind and definite purpose rather than hard work.
  • The law of compensation states that the need for your skills determines your earnings, your ability to meet that need, and the difficulty of replacing you.
  • To attain prosperity, it’s crucial to set clear financial goals and seek professional financial advice to develop a plan.
  • Creating good financial habits is essential for achieving financial independence, and it’s necessary to save and invest wisely, no matter your current financial position.
  • The ancient Babylonians understood the principle of paying yourself first, which means setting aside a portion of your income for savings and investment. This practice is crucial for building wealth over time.

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  • 29:39 People on Wall Street often work with money but don’t truly understand it. They earn money because they get excited, not the other way around.
  • 30:07 A couple named Pat and John wanted to buy a house but thought they couldn’t because they had no money.
  • 31:11 Many people delay making life decisions, like buying a house, because they believe they need money first. But you only need the money after making the decision.
  • 32:36 Pat and John got help from a competent financial planner and bought their dream house before Christmas, despite their initial financial challenges.
  • 37:21 It’s crucial to seek advice and financial planning if you’re not heading toward your goals.
  • 38:43 Bob Proctor emphasizes the importance of self-image in setting the boundaries of our performance in various aspects of life.
  • 56:12 The elephant’s story with a small chain illustrates how our self-image can limit us even when we can break free.

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  • 57:37 An elephant conditioned to a small chain as a calf won’t move, illustrating the power of conditioning.
  • 58:17 Nobody is born with a self-image, and altering it is essential for personal growth.
  • 59:09 Image making is a dynamic idea, and understanding it can be a life-changing breakthrough.
  • 01:00:19 Before doing something, you must first become something, emphasizing the power of self-image.
  • 01:01:00 Knowledge of image-making eliminates competition and allows you to control your life.
  • 01:06:07 Understanding something requires the ability to explain it to others.
  • 01:09:18 Your self-image dictates your behavior and circumstances.
  • 01:16:00 Results come from controlling your self-image; your self-image controls your results.
  • 01:21:47 A personal success story of how a change in self-image transformed a man’s life.

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  • 01:25:08 Paul Hutt shares his life-changing experience of embracing Bob Proctor’s ideas and applying them to his career.
  • 01:26:05 Paul’s agency’s success dramatically improved after implementing these ideas, achieving top rankings in the company.
  • 01:27:11 Changing the way you think can transform your life, a concept reinforced by William James.
  • 01:29:00 Practice of these ideas can lead to rapid wealth accumulation.
  • 01:30:47 Overcoming the fear of failure involves having a goal worth taking risks for.
  • 01:31:30 Your choices shape your life, and having emotional, intangible goals can be more fulfilling.
  • 01:35:39 You often find what you’re looking for, and changing your perspective can yield the desired outcomes.
  • 01:37:17 Overcoming adversity is essential, and it’s your response to adversity that matters most.
  • 01:40:45 The importance of self-motivation, self-esteem, and self-image in achieving your goals.
  • 01:43:47 Changing the mental image of yourself is essential for achieving your desired results.
  • 01:44:57 Reflect on your goals, describe the person you want to become, and start building that image in your mind.

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