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You Were Born Rich

You Were Born Rich • Part 4 [REMASTERED]

Born Rich Part 4…

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  • A railway employee accidentally locked himself in a refrigerator car and couldn’t escape.
  • He scribbled sentences on the wall as he felt himself freezing to death.
  • Despite the malfunctioning freezing apparatus, the temperature never dropped below 49 degrees during the night.

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  • 27:11 The video discusses how people can become victims of their illusions and misread their predicaments.
  • 29:25 Bob Proctor shares an example of offering a seminar to a prominent business figure and how they succeeded by introducing a new element to their sales training.
  • 31:18 Proctor talks about the power of emotional involvement in achieving goals, highlighting an individual’s commitment to their vision.
  • 35:10 The story of Roger Bannister breaking the four-minute mile barrier is used as an example of the power of belief and vision.
  • 37:11 Proctor emphasizes the importance of believing in your goals and your ability to achieve them.
  • 41:04 The discussion shifts to connecting your vision with your actions and how this combination is essential for achieving your goals.
  • 46:24 Bob Proctor illustrates the creative process, emphasizing that everyone has the potential for creativity and can use it to achieve their goals.
  • 50:48 The story of Don Sloven is an example of how believing in your abilities and getting emotionally involved can lead to positive outcomes and the attraction of desired results.

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  • At 52:09, Bob Proctor emphasizes that most people let their present physical results control their way of thinking, but this is a mistake. They should focus on the image they hold of themselves and their goals.
  • He explains that every person possesses the same power, which is in everyone equally. It’s essential to understand and learn how to use this universal power.
  • Bob discusses the importance of building a positive self-image by describing the person you want to become in the present tense without any negatives. This process involves creating new brain cells that hold this image.
  • He mentions the transformation of a fantasy into a theory and, ultimately, into a fact. By continually reinforcing and visualizing this new self-image, it becomes real in your mind.
  • Bob shares a story about a blind man named Charlie Bosley, who challenged the famous golfer Ben Hogan to play a round of golf. This story illustrates how powerful desire and determination can be in achieving one’s goals.

These key takeaways summarize the core messages from the provided transcript portion.

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  • Expectation is a critical principle distinguishing those who achieve their desires from those who don’t.
  • Moses led his people around in circles in the desert to change their attitude before entering a new land.
  • Expectation is like a magnet; it attracts things similar to your life.
  • You should expect and desire what you want; these should go hand in hand.
  • Your mental state (thoughts, feelings, actions) determines what you attract into your life.
  • Worry is the opposite of expectation and can attract negative outcomes.
  • Expectation can be a powerful unseen force in your life, attracting what you desire or fear.
  • To improve your life, visualize what you want and set your expectations accordingly.
  • Conquering internal impoverishment is a crucial step to overcoming external poverty.
  • The power of expectation can be compared to discovering electricity when transitioning from primitive lighting methods to electric bulbs.

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  • 01:46:41 Electricity flows from higher to lower potential; trying to work from lower to higher potential is ineffective.
  • 01:47:08 Electricity can be used for different purposes, either to cook a person’s dinner or to cook the person themselves.
  • 01:48:11 The power isn’t in the bulb but in the limitless power source; the limits are in the form it flows through.
  • 01:49:22 The only limits on this power are the limits on the form it flows through.
  • 01:50:00 To change your life, you need to build a bigger idea, understand the laws of this power, and impregnate your personality with that bigger idea.
  • 01:50:27 An example of someone’s life transformation after implementing these principles, leading to a significant increase in income.
  • 01:52:31 Learning the material is not enough; you must apply and integrate the knowledge to make a real difference.

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