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You Were Born Rich

You Were Born Rich • Part 5 [REMASTERED]

Born Rich Part 5…

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  • Having courage and the ability to withstand opposition is crucial to achieving one’s goals.
  • People’s reactions to your success may not always be positive, and it’s essential to stay focused on your path.
  • Sacrifice is not losing but giving up something of a lower nature to receive something higher.
  • Understanding the gestation period and the law is key to achieving your desires.
  • Expecting the right outcome is vital to achieving your goals, and the creative power in the universe is responsive to your suggestions.
  • The creative power only works deductively, allowing you to design your life without being limited by past results.

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  • 26:33 Your past doesn’t define you; each moment is a new opportunity.
  • 27:02 Creativity isn’t bound by precedent; if you can visualize it, you can achieve it.
  • 28:00 The universe operates on the law of vibration, where everything constantly moves.
  • 29:33 Your life is like a blank page; you can write your own story and create your reality.
  • 30:25 Change begins with understanding your true potential and treating yourself as special.
  • 31:19 The universe’s creative power responds to what you feel and think.
  • 36:05 Spirit can only express itself through an instrument’s limitations, like an acorn growing into an oak tree.
  • 44:08 Get on the same frequency as the good you desire to attract it.
  • 45:08 Three steps for prosperity: build the image, turn it over to spirit, and expect it to manifest naturally.
  • 52:10 Raise your awareness to make a natural state of expecting abundance.

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  • The non-physical state of everything in the universe, including us, is discussed.
  • The non-physical part of our personality is where mental magic occurs, and it’s related to our creative tools and intellectual factors.
  • Everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion, and thought is one of the highest forms of vibration.
  • Thought waves are cosmic waves that can penetrate all time and space.
  • People can have feelings and thoughts in resonance with others due to their thought waves being on the same frequency.
  • Different levels of consciousness and awareness exist, and individuals with higher awareness have higher vibrations.
  • Consciousness and vibration are interconnected, and individuals attract what they are in harmony with.
  • Understanding and knowledge play a significant role in altering one’s vibration and attracting positive experiences.
  • Mixing with positive and like-minded people in the right environment can help raise one’s consciousness and attract success.
  • The key takeaway is that understanding the concept of vibrations, resonance, and consciousness is crucial for attracting positive experiences and improving one’s life.

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  • Your thoughts have a direct impact on the vibration of your brain cells, and you can control the amplitude of their vibration.
  • Focusing on positive aspects, maintaining high vibration, and using your senses can help you manifest your desires.
  • Habits are crucial in bridging the gap between your current state and your goals, as they affect your state of vibration.
  • Practical and realistic people may not achieve as much in the long run as dreamers who pursue their goals with high vibrations.
  • Persistence, even in the face of rejection or setbacks, can change your state of vibration and lead to success.

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  • [01:43:32] When your thoughts change, your vibration changes, affecting your life.
  • [01:44:28] Your outside world changes as your inside world changes with altered vibration.
  • [01:45:38] Your energy, expressed through thoughts, feelings, and actions, changes when your attitude changes.
  • [01:47:48] Hating something increases the possibility of it becoming part of your life; love what you desire.
  • [01:49:14] To remove negatives from your life, raise your vibration to a higher order.
  • [01:51:17] To find the right mate or anything else, become the person who would have it.
  • [01:52:09] Thoughts, good or bad, return to you due to the law of perpetual transportation of radiant energy.
  • [01:56:09] You receive what you give, but Universal Intelligence determines when, how, and through whom you get it back.

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