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You Were Born Rich

You Were Born Rich • Part 6 [REMASTERED]

Born Rich Part 6…

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  • 00:31 Babies are natural risk-takers, but fear often keeps adults from living their dreams.
  • 01:12 You can step forward into growth or back into safety with no compensation for playing it safe.
  • 02:49 Taking risks is essential because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing; the person who risks nothing does nothing and has nothing.
  • 07:32 Negative thinking can confine you like a prison, and breaking free involves renewing your mind and changing your thought patterns.
  • 16:36 Your intellectual mind can think either X-type thoughts (comfortable but limited) or Y-type thoughts (better and expansive).
  • 25:12 Passing Y-type ideas through your intellectual mind can cause mental conflict and create fear and anxiety. Breaking through the “terror barrier” is essential for personal freedom and success.
  • 29:44 Programming positive ideas into children’s minds can lead them to make better choices and succeed.

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  • The video discusses the importance of forming the habit of doing things that successful people do, even if they are actions you may not like.
  • Success is often separated from failure by a razor-thin line, and it’s crucial to complete tasks and take action to stay on the side of success.
  • Success is influenced by pleasing results, not just pleasing methods.
  • Making a list of razor-edge activities and committing to completing them is essential for success.
  • Excellence is a commitment to completion, meaning it’s vital to finish what you start.
  • A commitment to starting tasks early in the morning, such as being in front of people at 9 a.m., can lead to significant rewards.

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  • 58:16 Starting an hour early or working an hour later can give you the equivalent of 9 extra 40-hour workweeks in a year.
  • 59:24 Kirk Gibson’s success in baseball was due to visualization and his commitment to completion, even in pain.
  • 01:00:06 Taking action on the “razor’s edge” is crucial for success, even when facing pain or challenges.
  • 01:01:17 Consistent practice and commitment to your craft in various areas of life can lead to significant progress.
  • 01:01:44 A 90-day commitment to giving your best can lead to long-term success.
  • 01:03:38 The “razor’s edge” can apply to different aspects of life, including relationships, work, and personal development.
  • 01:04:36 Making decisions is key to overcoming challenges and achieving success.
  • 01:05:18 Dwelling on the past or worrying about the future hinders progress; focus on the present moment.
  • 01:09:09 The past cannot be changed, so let go of resentment and guilt, as they hold you back.
  • 01:16:13 Life is a series of beginnings, not endings; focus on the future and visionary thinking.
  • 01:18:33 Forgive and let go of anger, fear, and guilt to embrace the present and future with awareness.
  • 01:22:21 Don’t let external factors like sales sheets, bank accounts, or medical reports control your thoughts or feelings about your life and success.

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  • Bob Proctor emphasizes the importance of shifting your mindset and thinking positively.
  • Creating a space for the good you desire is essential for attracting it.
  • The repetition of the program is key to success, and the torchbearer concept encourages passing on something good.
  • The Torchbearer Series includes books on confidence, courage, decision-making, responsibility, giving, receiving, attraction, satisfaction, faith, belief, persistence, and belief.
  • Bob Proctor and his team thank the audience for their support and dedication.
  • The poem highlights the uniqueness and potential of every individual.

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