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Malaysian Indian Curse 1

Malaysian Indian Curse 1 article’s definite purpose is to:

  1. Promoting awareness that everyone has the power to CHOOSE his or her life direction
  2. Promoting Napoleon Hill’s 1st principle, “Definiteness of Purpose.”
  3. Warning about the weeds that can destroy the desired plant we want. Negative friends, parents, and social platforms can destroy our life destination.
  4. Promoting awareness that if we do not choose our life’s chief aim, we will be influenced by others. If we are lucky, we will be influenced by business people and professions and aim for worthy goals (STAR AIMS). If we are not lucky, we will be influenced by gangsters, rapists, criminals, drug smugglers, and cheaters, and we will become one of them (UNWORTHY AIMS).
  5. Again, it is how we can make Malaysian Indians aware that despite skin color, caste system, and religion, born in rich or poor families, we all have the EQUAL POWER to choose our life destination.

Malaysian Indian Curse 1… suggests or calls leaders, anybody willing to help the Malaysian Indian community.

Inviting appropriate leaders is to guide the Malaysian Indian community to see the STAR, the impossible star to reach as high as possible in an economic situation, culture, respect, health, etc.

What is the problem with the Indian community?

Last night, I was talking to a lawyer, a classmate of mine at primary school. He is a criminal lawyer. Based on his experience, the underlying problem is how the children are raised.

I have to agree with him.

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind (Change Your Paradigm) By Bob Proctor, Earl Nightingale

Summary:-Part 1

  • Paradigms, many subconscious habits control our lives, and most people aren’t unaware of them.
  • Our conditioning, both genetic and environmental, shapes our beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes.
  • People often graduate from school with knowledge but lack the results because their paradigms don’t align with success.
  • The subconscious mind is where paradigms reside, controlling our behavior more than our conscious mind.
  • We must change our paradigms by repeating new ideas to change our lives.
  • Many successful individuals don’t fully understand how they achieved success but changed their paradigms.
  • We use a small fraction of our mental capacities, and tapping into more of our mind’s potential can lead to well-being and creativity.
  • Successful living involves solving the problems that stand between us and our goals.
  • People often worry about things that never happen or things they can’t change, wasting a significant amount of time and energy.

(Note: The takeaways are extracted from the provided transcript, but they may not cover all the key points in the video.)

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Summary:-Part 2

  • Most of our worries are unnecessary and cause stress; they can be divided into legitimate worries (problems we can solve) and those beyond our control.
  • The human mind is a powerful tool that separates us from other creatures, and it’s essential for achieving our goals and advancing society.
  • Dedicate one hour daily to exercise your mind by brainstorming ideas to improve your current work or situation. Even one good idea can make a significant difference.
  • Your mind will continue to work on your goals throughout the day if you start each day with focused thinking.
  • Efficiently using your mind can transform your life and significantly increase your mental abilities.
  • Don’t waste time worrying about needless things; separate real problems from unnecessary worries and solve those within your control.

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✅ Summary complete.

If you wish to watch in full, tab below:


  • 0:00 🧠 Paradigms in the subconscious mind control our lives; changing them is crucial for success.
  • 🧬 Genetic and environmental conditioning shapes our beliefs and behaviors.
  • 2:13 🎓 School knowledge doesn’t guarantee success; aligning paradigms is key.
  • 🤯 Subconscious mind dominates behavior more than the conscious mind.
  • 8:18 💡 Access untapped mental potential for creativity and well-being.
  • 11:10 🔑 Successful living involves solving goal-related problems.
  • 15:29 🧐 Don’t waste time on needless worries; focus on real, solvable problems.
✅ Summary complete.

We need to preach the importance of DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE.

Last week I planned to watch the movie “Chanramuki 2”. I did some research and decided not to go to that movie. WHY?

The movie cost RM10 to RM20. It is nothing to all of us. Then, I need to spend my most precious time, which I cannot do.

If one can research before buying from Lazada, Shoppee for RM20, RM 100, or even RM 1000 priced products, why do people not research what to aim for in life?

The Impossible Dream – Matt Monro lyrics

Somebody, a team, leaders, well-to-do families, etc., seriously needs the majority of Malaysian Indians to lead AIM to the right things in life.

Think & Grow Rich Malaysian Thamila-திங்க் & குரோ ரிச் மலேசிய தமிழா 2

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