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PMA Success Principles 2-The First Success Principle: Definiteness of Purpose I

PMA Success Principles 2-

The First Success Principle: Definiteness of Purpose

Illusion-Based Perception: Unveiling the Villain in Jailer

Jailer, the blockbuster movie of Deepavali 2023, has left an indelible mark on the audience, notably through the portrayal of Varman, a character etched in the viewers’ memory. Varman, the villain, is not just a character but a symbol of illusion-based perception.

In the movie, Varman’s sinister activities create an expectation of his ultimate demise. The anticipation is not rooted in his heinous crimes but in the suspicion he casts upon his victims. The narrative leads us to despise him, to yearn for his defeat at the hands of the hero.

The power of illusion lies in Varman’s eyes, compelling the audience to hate him and root for his downfall. However, beyond the character, a revelation transcends the screen—a moment of gratitude. Varman, the actor, thanks the Directors and Rajinikanth for the opportunity to embody the worst villain character. In that moment, the illusion shatters, and tears well up, recognizing the person behind the role.

PMA Success Principles: Definiteness of Purpose: Unmasking the True Intent

Varman’s purpose in the movie may seem simple—to smuggle statues. However, the real definiteness of purpose lies in his commitment to deliver an exceptional performance as a villain. This commitment propels him to fame, and his gratitude stems from the recognition of the impact he made through his role.

In life, as in the movies, our goals may appear straightforward. Yet, the depth of our commitment and the passion with which we pursue them define our true purpose. Varman’s journey serves as a reminder that success is not merely achieving the goal but embracing the purpose with unwavering determination.

PMA Success Principles: What is Our Goal in Life? A Call to Definiteness of Purpose

Napoleon Hill once said, “Unless each of us chooses a definite purpose in life, somebody will choose for us.” This rings true, especially in a society where external influences can sway our choices. Shockingly, 98% of people, according to Hill, lack a clear goal or direction in life.

For Malaysian Indians, the situation may be even more dire, evident in societal indicators such as incarceration rates and living standards. The call to action is clear—choose your purpose or risk having it chosen for you. The principle of definiteness of purpose becomes not just a guiding light but a lifeline in a sea of uncertainty.

PMA Success Principles: Mastering the Principle: A Blueprint for Future Success

The invitation is extended—to master the principle of definiteness of purpose and witness the transformation it brings. Imagine, if you will, where you could be one, five, or ten years from today by embracing this principle.

Mastering and practicing this principle is encouraged and is the key to unlocking your true potential. It’s not just about setting goals; it’s about defining your purpose and aligning every action with that purpose. This is your journey to success, an exploration of self-discovery that promises fulfillment and accomplishment.

In conclusion, the illusion-based perception in Jailer teaches us to look beyond the surface to recognize humanity even in the darkest characters. Definiteness of purpose, as exemplified by Varman, serves as a beacon guiding us through life’s challenges. The call to action is clear: define your purpose, embrace it, and witness its transformative power. In reality, success begins with a resolute commitment to your true purpose.

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