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PMA : The Science of Success

Introduction to: PMA Success Principles 1

PMA Success Principles intro….

Introduction to PMA Success Principles:

PMA, also known as The Science of Success, unfolds a profound exploration of the seventeen Success Principles crafted by Dr. Hill. Within the pages of this enlightening book, these principles are intricately dissected and presented in straightforward language that swiftly captures your understanding, enabling immediate application.

PMA Success Principles 1…

The full title of these PMA Success Principles is:

PMA: Science of Success Principles

A Call to Serve Malaysian Tamilians for the Optimal Solution through PMA Success Principles:

But why should Tamilians delve into mastering these principles? To answer this, let’s draw a parallel with the film industry and its array of characters crucial to a movie’s success.

Before extending an invitation to affluent individuals to disseminate the Success Principles, allowing every Malaysian Indian to shape their thought patterns, let’s first delve into the following YouTube clips.

Let’s join hands to raise awareness among Tamilians regarding the emotions in our lives – understanding what influences us to build or hinder our characters, habits, and overall life.

For instance, consider the official trailer of the movie “Jailer” on Amazon Prime:

On the surface, we perceive “Jailer” as Rajinikanth’s movie, but it is a production of Sun Pictures. As ordinary audiences, we often overlook the strenuous effort behind producing successful movies. Our expectations as Rajinikanth fans might be that all villains must meet their demise at the hands of Rajinikanth on screen. Yet, without these antagonists, the movie’s success would be compromised, leaving Rajini with no meaningful role.

Interestingly, it’s heard that Rajini encourages villains to portray their characters with finesse and authenticity. However, many hesitate due to the immense respect they hold for Rajinikanth as a person. This poses a challenge for directors, producers, and even Rajinikanth himself.

Even renowned actress Ramya Krishnan initially declined to enact a scene that disrespected Rajinikanth in the movie “Padayappa.” However, Rajini motivated her to elicit negative emotions in the audience.

A deeper understanding of this dynamic is presented in the following scene:

PMA Success Principles intro…

Let’s draw comparisons between the intricate workings behind movies and the actions of Malaysian Tamilians.

Not all Tamilians face these challenges. Many professionals, including doctors, engineers, and businessmen, excel in various facets of life. However, there’s a trend where these accomplished individuals, in their pursuit of even greater success, send their children or grandchildren abroad, diminishing the percentage of such successful Tamilians within Malaysia.

Without careful consideration, we, the ordinary audience, allow movies and external influences to shape our thinking, inadvertently settling for lives marked by poverty and criminality. This influence extends beyond movies to encompass factors like parental and peer influence, contributing to a challenging environment.

Consider the following YouTube clips for deeper insights:

“Malaysian Indians | Prisoners | B40 | Gangsterism”


“மலேசியாவும் நம் தமிழர்களும் | Malaysia Tamil Peoples”

“The Story of Botak Chin: Malaysia’s Most Wanted Gangster”

Before I Unveil My Identity:

Before revealing my identity and the reason behind this narrative, let me introduce the late author, Dr. Napoleon Hill, his body of work, and the non-profit organization dedicated to preserving his legacy.

Dr. Napoleon Hill (1883–1970) is an influential American self-help author renowned for his timeless masterpiece “Think and Grow Rich.” This seminal work, published in 1937, draws from Hill’s study of successful individuals like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford. The book imparts principles and philosophies guiding personal and financial success, centering on positive thinking, goal setting, and the fervent desire to achieve one’s goals.

Hill’s approach underscores the idea that success originates from a mindset and a resolute purpose. “Think and Grow Rich” serves as a roadmap, guiding readers to cultivate the right mental attitude, nurture a burning desire for success, and persistently act toward their objectives.

Beyond this iconic work, Hill authored several articles and books, including “The Law of Success,” laying the foundation for his later renowned masterpiece. His teachings have left an indelible mark on business, self-help, and personal development.

While Hill’s philosophy continues to inspire, it’s vital to recognize that individual experiences may vary, acknowledging that multifaceted factors influence success.

Universal Applicability of Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy:

Napoleon Hill’s principles transcend race, color, country, or society. The beauty of his philosophy lies in its inclusivity and accessibility. Success, as he defines it, is not confined by external factors but emanates from one’s mindset, attitude, and actions. Whether you hail from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, or any corner of the world, his principles are adaptable to your circumstances.

Moreover, people from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds have embraced Hill’s teachings. Successful individuals across various fields attribute their achievements, in part, to the principles outlined by Napoleon Hill.

It’s crucial to remember that while Hill’s philosophy offers valuable insights, success is influenced by various factors. Considering external circumstances and systemic issues, a holistic approach to personal and professional growth is essential.

Exploring Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles:

Numerous resources in various languages, especially Tamil and English, are available for those eager to embark on self-improvement. Hill’s books, such as “Law Of Success” and “Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success: The 17 Principles of Personal Achievement,” provide a comprehensive guide to these principles.

The 17 PMA Success Principles include:

  1. Definiteness of Purpose
  2. Mastermind Alliance
  3. Going the Extra Mile
  4. Applied Faith
  5. A Pleasing Personality
  6. Personal Initiative
  7. Positive Mental Attitude
  8. Enthusiasm
  9. Self-Discipline
  10. Accurate Thinking
  11. Controlled Attention
  12. Teamwork
  13. Adversity and Defeat
  14. Creative Vision
  15. Health
  16. Budgeting Time and Money
  17. Habits

PMA Success Principles intro…

Understanding the Universal Need for PMA Success Principles:

The question arises: Who needs these PMA Success Principles? The answer is unequivocal: everyone does.

Napoleon Hill identified these principles in various works, including “Think and Grow Rich.” While all principles hold value, individuals may find certain ones more applicable based on their circumstances and goals.

Delving into Napoleon Hill’s 17 PMA Success Principles:

  1. Definite Chief Aim: Clearly define your goals.
  2. Mastermind Alliance: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.
  3. Applied Faith: Cultivate unyielding belief in your abilities.
  4. Going the Extra Mile: Willingly exceed expectations.
  5. Pleasing Personality: Cultivate a positive demeanor for positive interactions.
  6. Personal Initiative: Take decisive action and responsibility.
  7. Positive Mental Attitude: Maintain positivity regardless of circumstances.
  8. Enthusiasm: Infuse passion and energy into your actions.
  9. Self-Discipline: Gain control over thoughts and actions.
  10. Accurate Thinking: Base decisions on facts, not assumptions.
  11. Controlled Attention: Focus on goals without distractions.
  12. Teamwork: Harmonize efforts for collective success.
  13. Adversity and Defeat: View challenges as opportunities for growth.
  14. Creative Vision: Cultivate imagination and innovation.
  15. Budgeting Time and Money: Efficiently manage resources.
  16. Maintain Sound Physical and Mental Health: Prioritize well-being.
  17. Cosmic Habitforce: Recognize the impact of habits on personal development.

Adapting PMA Success Principles Across Demographics:

Applying Napoleon Hill’s principles isn’t confined by color, race, religion, or country. Tailoring their application to individual circumstances is key. Here are some tips for different demographics:

  • Teenagers and Students: Focus on vision, relationships, and study habits.
  • Adults and Professionals: Emphasize personal initiative, self-discipline, and accurate thinking.
  • Criminals Seeking Rehabilitation: Concentrate on a positive mindset and a definite chief aim for transformation.
  • Business People: Utilize mastermind alliances, pleasing personality, and enthusiasm for success.
  • Housewives: Apply personal initiative, a positive mental attitude, and maintain sound health for a balanced lifestyle.

Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Role:

The Napoleon Hill Foundation, founded by Dr. Hill’s wife, Annie Lou Hill, plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting his legacy. The foundation perpetuates Hill’s philosophy through scholarships, seminars, and educational initiatives. For the latest updates, visit their official website or contact them directly.

About Myself:

As an ordinary small business owner, I’ve been profoundly influenced by Napoleon Hill’s books and the works of other great minds. I aim to serve Malaysian Tamilians in a modest capacity. If you believe that Napoleon Hill’s principles can make a difference and wish to contribute to serving Malaysian Tamilians, feel free to contact me.

Contact Information:

Mr. Pandorangan

Mobile: +6012 4540965

I’m not a public speaker or interested in selling self-development products. My role is to guide and share experiences with individuals near my location in Butterworth, Malaysia. My focus is solely on improving the lives of those in need.


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