Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple

Sree Sekva Vinaayagar Olden Temple
Sree Sekva Vinaayagar New Temple

This temple was established by the late Mr. Palusamy Chettiar from this Melamarungur village. He was poverty stricken and suffering from much debts at his young age. At that challenging time, once he went to take his bath at the pond kanmai in the village. There he found the deity of Lord Vinayaga which was dropped there by someone from the nearby village Uruvaatti. Taking it as a good omen, he revealed his grief to the Lord and begged for His blessings in order to release himself from the difficulty. Thus, he promised him a temple in the same village if the Lord fulfill his request.

After this incident, he migrated to Malaya in 1950-s, at the age of sixteen to seek for a plight. He began his life in Penang, Malaya as a simple worker. Later, he started his own business by the name MK Palusamy and Co. which was trading second hand woods . Later, he switched to scrap metal business and was not very successful also. This made him move over to Bagan Luar, Butterworth in 1978 to start an automobile spare parts business under the same name. His success in this business made him return to his homeland Melamarungur in 1986 to build a temple for his Deity of Lord Vinayaga as he had promised earlier. His company at Bagan Luar, Butterworth is still run by his cousin brother Sundararajan.

His elder son MKP Pandorangan has established his own business named mkp Auto Parts sdn. Bhd. and managing it successfully. In 2019, he had the opportunity to attend the consecration ceremony of Kamatchiamman temple in Arappur, Tamilnadu. He went with his wife under the invitation of his business buddy from the same place. After the ceremony, he had to visit Melamarungur village to execute the sale of some property at his hometown Madurai. He had to stay about a month in order to settle the deal. It was during this period he visited the Vinayagar temple established by his father. He had not visited the temple since 2002.

It was a painful moment for him to see the temple in unattended condition with bushes all around. Much pleased with his presence, the villagers put forward a suggestion to renovate the temple. After several lengthy discussions, a decision was made to renovate the temple with a budget of 3,000,000 rupees. Mr MKP Pandorangan has graciously accepted to bear the cost of the dome estimated to be 700,000 rupees.

The entire renovation work is almost complete and the consecration ceremony has been fixed to take place on 02.04.2021. The preparations are taking place accordingly.
When speaking regarding this project, Mr MKP Pandorangan feels that it is the mercy of Lord Vinayaga of Melamarungur that linked him towards His service which he had missed for decades. He feels privileged to carry on the legacy left by his father in the service of the Lord. He also shares the good news with gratitude that he has been rapidly progressing in his business by importing automobile parts directly from Japan ever since he has involved in this noble service.

He is supported by his younger brother from Malaysia Mr MKP Sivagnanam and his younger sisters Padmavathy from Madurai and Chitradevi from Chennai. Other than them and the villagers, the business and personal friends and also relatives of Mr Pandorangan have been contributing for this project either by cash or kind. He recalls that there had never been a temple in that village before this Vinayagar temple.

His father has created one in this village which compliment a proverb in Tamil which goes, ‘Never stay in a place where there is no temple’. The villagers have generally benefited by the worship performed at this temple. Thus, he humbly appeals to all the people in the village to unite and pledge their full support for this project which he considers as his life time commitment to carry on the legacy left by his father.